In a landscape where traditional broadcasting is losing its former prominence, making way for the internet to take center stage, both the broadcasting and content production industries, as well as viewers, are seeking the next stage. It is precisely for this reason that we aim to create a flexible media imbued with new value and possibilities. We are the media creation company dedicated to realizing this vision.

About Us

Our Vision

We aspire to co-create innovative concepts and schemes for the new media landscape. As the television and satellite broadcasting industry wanes, technology utilizing the internet continues to evolve rapidly. While the circumstances may be challenging for us in the broadcasting industry, it presents an opportunity to create new media. Drawing on the expertise we’ve cultivated through platform operations in the broadcasting sector and the know-how in creating programs and content, we aim to incorporate cutting-edge IT technology to birth new mechanisms and solutions for innovative streaming services. We earnestly hope to pioneer the era of the next-generation video in collaboration with industry partners.

Expertise from Broadcasting: Program Production and Operations Know-How

The credibility of having a broadcasting station with established channels and the strength derived from understanding viewer trends and interests form the basis of our content creation, program planning, and marketing prowess. It is through captivating content that the functionality of new media truly shines.

Broadcasting and Streaming Technology through Platform Integration

Our strength lies in flexibly utilizing and integrating various platforms such as satellite broadcasting, cable television, and online streaming to consistently achieve maximum impact. Leveraging the synergy of each platform, we aim to create the next-generation media that is not only convenient but also highly lucrative.

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